Gaming Gifts: Console, PC Master Race or Mobile Gaming?

Passing time in a virtual world has become big business. 2018 was a year for games which even saw one game break records for entertainment opening weekends (including movies!)

If there's a gaming fan in your life, there's probably something here for them.

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Audio gift ideas

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Red Dead Redemption 2

roam the plains of the wild west

Rockstar Games are no strangers to dropping some of the biggest titles every year. Red Dead Redemption 2 is the long awaited second game in the series based in the Wild West - a cross between GTA and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Most gamers will probably have picked this title up already, but if you know someone without it, do them a favour!

Available in GameStop and on


the best annual upgarde in years

We often refer to the annual cycle of smartphones entering the market as being a little boring at times. Somehow, EA Sports avoids that happening with FIFA this year.

The annual upgrade releasedfor the 2018/19 season is one of the best to date with improved control engines and incredible game modes to keep everything interesting.

Available from GameStop and

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so much more than just a speaker

If you know someone with a PlayStation, who is also a comic book hero fan, check their collection for Spider-Man.

In an unusual move, this was only released on the PlayStation - a real shame for Xbox and PC gamers because it's arguably the best game to emerge in 2018.

Available from GameStop and

Football Manager 2019

Incredible sports headphones

With Martin O'Neill and Roy Keane parting company with the Republic of Ireland this year, you probably heard at least one person you know questioning the hire of Mick McCarthy - claiming they could do a better job.

Let them have their chance! Football Manager, like FIFA, gets an annual refresh and yet again, this year is incredible.

Available from GameStop, and Steam

Assassain's Creed Odyssey

wireless beyond their price

Another game that gets an annual refresh, Assassin's Creedy Odyssey is a lush journey through history which appeals to the senses.

With over 50 hours-worth of gameplay too, this isn't something that'll be finished on Christmas morning.

Available from GameStop and

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