Budget Gift Ideas: Christmas Presents Under €50

Christmas shopping can cause quite a bit of pressure. Sometimes that's the stress of shopping, other times it's financial pressure.

You might not have the budget for any tech gifts, but we're here to show you how to stretch €50 as far as possible.

Budget Gift Ideas

Budget gift ideas

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For people who lose stuff

We all know that person. They lose their keys, can't find their wallet or forgot where they parked their bike.

Tile is a simple device which thethers to your phone via Bluetooth and makes sure things stay nearby. Other Tile users can also help you find lost items!

Starting from €25 per device

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a simple smart button

We've got more connected items in our homes than ever before. Some choose smart assistants to control these but what's the alternative?

flic is a simple but very cool little gadget which let's you control various devices and even control your smartphone. Tap a button to make a call and more.

Available from €30

Soundcore Spirit X Sports Earphones - By Anker

Incredible sports headphones

When you're picking wireless earphones you have a lot of things to consider. If comfprt while playing sports is a factor, you need to consider these.

We're currently testing these wireless earphones and have been blown away by their comfort and sound quality. Of course, we shouldn't be surprised, they're made by Anker

Available from €40 on Amazon

Wraps Wearable Earphones

wireless beyond their price

These are a cool little gift idea. In a world where everything seems to be going wireless, Wraps are going the other way.

Giving a whole new meaning to the word "wearable", Wraps let you carry your earphones on your wrist like a bracelet. They come in a wide range of styles and colours, remaining practical and stylish all the time.

These are the perfect gift idea for that person in the office who never has earphones or younger people in need of something a little different.

Available from €16.99 on MyWraps.com

Tronsmart Spunky Buds

wireless beyond their price

Two things blow us away in the tech world these days. How quick new tech emerges and how quickly it then becomes affordable.

We tested out the Tronsmart Spunky Buds and were pleasantly surprised given their price. In some areas they outperformed similar truly wireless earphones worth four times as much

Available from €35 on Amazon

Xiaomi MiBand 3

fitbit on a budget

We waited a long long time to finally see some Xiaomi products land in Ireland. It's hardly surprising that after Huawei's rise to power, Xiaomi decided the time was right.

We're currently testing out the Mi Band 3 but already, we're very impressed by what this device delivers for its price. Expect comparable quality to Fitbit at a fraction of the cost

Available from €31 with Amazon and €39 with Three Ireland

Now TV Stick

sports and movies without contracts

Christmas is all about family and friends. Along with junk food, TV show specials and movies. Want to supercharge your Christmas entertainment?

We're currently testing out the new Now TV stick, developed by Roku. Buy access to as many packages for as long as you want without worrying about contracts, including Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, Sky Kids and Sky Entertainment.

Even after Christmas, if you don't want to keep a subscription, the stick still allows you to watch Netflix, YouTube and More4 along with several other apps.

Buy Now TV Stick for €25


get a grip

Every now and then a gadget comes along that everyone needs or buys even though they don't really need it. Think fidget spinners

PopSockets are almost certainly that gadget for 2018. Smartphones are getting bigger but our hands, evolve as we may, stay the same.

PopSockets make holding phones easier than ever and can be collapsed to pop the phone in your pocket. Super practical Christmas gifts that won't break the bank.

€12 on Amazon.co.uk

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