Gift Cards: The Perfect Last Minute Gift

No matter how well you know someone, it's not unusual to end up stumped with what to buy them.

Gift cards are often the final port of call, but honestly people usually love them. Also, you can buy some of these last minunte - in case you accidently forgot someone.

Gift Card Suggestions

Gift Card Suggestions

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Amazon Voucher

Great deals and ranges in the uk

It's no secret that Ireland doesn't have an official Amazon entity, but still there are thousands upon thousands of orders that filter over from the retail giant's UK site every day.

I don't think anyone has ever received an Amazon voucher and not immediately thought of something they could buy.

Available on

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Netflix Gift Cards

gift of entertainment

Netflix has some genuinely incredible content available for you to binge on. So why not gift someone a membership?

This is also the perfect passive aggressive way to tell someone leaching on your account to start paying their own way!

Available from Smyths Toys

Spotify Gift Card


Remember when we used to give each other tapes and CDs. Isn't it awful that these great gift ideas were taken away from us!

You can, however, give someone the gift of a massive music library in Spotify.

One month €9.99 from Spotify


disney's finest

Think of Netflix, but solely for Disney Movies. Now, calm down, take a breath and keep reading.

DisneyLife brings together an incredible range of Disney Movies for all your Christmas viewing needs. You can give the gift of Disney for 3, 6, or 12 months starting at just €20.

Lots of Disney Goodness

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