iPhone Gift Ideas: The Best Gifts for Apple Fans

Apple gear is pricey, but it's usually very good. More importantly, if someone really likes Apple, nothing else will do.

The plus side is, if you're willing to splash the cash and get them an Apple pressie, there's a very good chance they'll love it.

Smartphone Accessories: Gift Ideas

Smartphone gift ideas

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Refurbished Apple TV 32GB 4th Generation

don't give Apple people Chromecasts

Chromecast is an annual favourite when it comes to Christmas gifts. Who doesn't want on, right? Apple users, that's who!

Apple things work well together and this includes Apple TV. So if you know someone who has MacBooks and iPhones, do them a favour and give them an Apple TV instead.

You can save a few bob too and buy Apple Refurbished. These are good as new, often returned by customers under a change of mind and run through testing at Apple HQ before being sold at a discount.

€139 Refurbished from Apple

Apple Airpods

it just works

There's no shortage when it comes to audio gift ideas this Christmas. But there's no arguing how well Apple products work together.

The Apple Airpods are a great example of this. There are better earphones on the market but few will work as seamlessly with iPhone as Apple's own.

€179 from Apple

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Apple Watch

more than a watch

This year's Apple Watch transcends what we all thought watches could do. With a medically approved ECG built in, this was a wearable which literally could save lives.

With many wearables now on the market, if you're an iPhone user, or know someone who is, the Apple Watch is really the only choice.

If you're looking to save a few bob, you can also still purchase some of the older models directly if you follow Neal's advice.

Starting at €309 from Apple



Every now and then a gadget comes along that everyone needs or buys even though they don't really need it. Think fidget spinners...

PopSockets are almost certainly that gadget for 2018. Smartphones are getting bigger but our hands, evolve as we may, stay the same.

PopSockets make holding phones easier than ever and can be collapsed to pop the phone in your pocket. Super practical Christmas gifts that won't break the bank. They also fit nearly every single phone on the market, making them the perfect universal stocking filler.

€12 on Amazon.co.uk

Anker Wireless Charger


Phones supporting wireless charging are becoming more common. These chargers from Anker are perfect for your desk but make sure your colleage has a phone that supports wireless charging.

There are cheaper brands and different models, but don't mess around with chargers. Buy reputable brands only.

Around €22 from Amazon.co.uk

Spigen Rugged Armour Smartphone Cases

lightweight smartphone protection

You know someone who needs a smartphone case. They drop their phone all the time, their phone is looking a little beat up and maybe they've gone through a few screens since they bought it.

Ok, sometimes phones feel better without protection. Yes, we're still talking about phones people!

Spigen Rugged Armour cases provide protection in a lightweight and affordable case that'll win over most people. This makes them a great gift idea.

Available from €10 on Amazon.co.uk

FeiyuTech Vimble 2


Gimbles are one of those mad things you've seen but forgot to Google. Well, let us introduce them!

Gimbles are relatively cheap when you consider the difference they make. These gadgets are for capturing super professional video shots, removing nearly all shakiness from the shot. The Vimble 2 has the added benefit of a telescopic handle and a tripod stand, making it super vesatile.

Less than €115 on Amazon.co.uk

Anker 20100 mAh Power Bank


Again, a big battery isn't that sexy, but when you're stuck without power and in desperate need of Google Maps to find your way, how important are power banks? iPhone users have never been blessed in the power department, so having a good power bank is a must. Why not get them the best power bank while you're at it?

You'll be able to find power banks everywhere on the high street, but we strongly recommend you pick up an Anker power bank. They are the benchmark when it comes to portable power

You'll need to use An Post's AddressPal to get this shipped to Ireland though. Parcel Motel uses Northern Ireland, which Anker won't ship batteries to. AddressPal uses mainland UK.

Available from €45 on Amazon

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