Xiaomi Launches in Ireland With Three Phones and Eco Accessory Range

xiaomi ireland
When I think back to the mobile landscape when I worked in a phone shop a few years back, boy has it changed. After years of waiting and hoping, Xiaomi has entered the Irish market at an exciting Dublin launch event co-hosted by Three Ireland. I went along to take a look at what was on offer. Spoiler alert, Xiaomi...

IFA 2018: What to Expect from Europe’s Biggest Consumer Tech Show

IFA 2018 what to expect
Strangely enough, I was out of the country for all of the Pope’s recent visit to Ireland. Before you ask, it wasn’t in part a protest to match my attempts to leave the church through GDPR. No, I was simply on holidays and happened to be flying out moments before he hit the tarmac in Dublin. It was interesting...

What Does Xiaomi Entering the Irish Market Mean For You?

You might have seen that we've talked in depth about the expansion of Asian smartphone companies and their arrival in Ireland, with Xiaomi being the most recent example. Xiaomi as a company adds a whole lot to the Irish smartphone market and their continued existence is what keeps some manufacturers pushing to achieve the next big thing. When a...