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Irish PS5 Price And Launch Date Confirmed

And there it is. We finally have an Irish PlayStation 5 price and launch date confirmed. After answering your questions about the PlayStation 5 launching in Ireland a few weeks back, here are the final pieces of the puzzle you need. PlayStation 5 Launch Date In Ireland The PS5 has launched in Ireland, that's the good news. The reviews are in...

Marshall Uxbridge Smart Speaker Review: Guitars And Google Home

marshall uxbridge smart speaker
It feels like you can buy anything and everything with a Google Assistant built into it now. Looking around my sitting room, I have a Google Assistant-powered soundbar, a Google Home in the kitchen and Google Nest Wifi which has an assistant in the bedroom too. In such a small space adding another smart speaker meant it needed to...

LIFX Beam Review: Actual Smart Lights

LIFX beam review
For years, I've liked the potential of smart lights. Like, they should be awesome but using your phone to turn on and off a light is a bit crap. You've got to be smart about how you use your smart light. Honestly, this review gets easier to understand as we go. I've been testing out the LIFX range of...

Facebook Portal Review: A Photo Frame Connecting Your Family

facebook portal review
We've all been adapting to a new way of life. One of the things we've had to adapt is how we all stay connected. I've been testing out the Facebook Portal for the past few weeks when chatting with family. Here's what you need to know about it. Keeping Connected While Staying Apart Yesterday, I undertook a trip to do some...

Western Digital My Cloud Home Review: Fix Your Full Dropbox

western digital my cloud home
Recently I reviewed the new Huawei P40 Pro. Most people are getting caught up on the challenge people face with using a phone that doesn't support Google Apps. I used it for weeks without much hassle. I've also managed up load Google onto it. Ultimately, for me, the P40 Pro is a fantastic phone and I wouldn't let a...