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We bring you the latest Irish tech news and the best tech news from the wider world. We filter through the latest apps and gadgets to find what could be coming to our shores soon.

Tesla Ireland: Model 3 launch

The Irish can often be left behind a little bit, but Tesla have confirmed their electric cars will feature on these roads in 2017. We recently brought you some of the practical issues Tesla may not have considered when planning to launch their cars on Irish roads next year.  This followed confirmation by Tesla's founder Elon Musk in February that...

How to Get the Amazon Echo Dot in Ireland: Buying It and Getting Started

echo dot in ireland working perfectly
Amazon has a long-standing history of kinda being in Ireland. We depend on Amazon.co.uk for our online shopping needs, using services like Parcel Motel to fill in the gaps. One of Amazon's latest innovations is the Echo and its little brother, the Echo Dot. We look at what it is, how you can get the Echo Dot in Ireland...

A new way of banking in Ireland: Number26

If you find yourself stuffing your mattress full of cash while mumbling words of hatred towards the mainstream banks, Number26 might be the perfect bank for you. Launching in early 2015, Number26 has this week begun to accept Irish account holder to join their revolutionary "borderless" bank. Everything these days is be mobile first, with online sitting at the core and...

Snapps: Showbox is still going strong

watching showbox on a smartphone
Over three years ago, we brought you the fantastic entertainment app that is Showbox. In fact, I'm pretty sure it was one of the first apps we ever reviewed. For an off the radar app, Showbox is still running surprisingly well. Here's everything you need to know and how to download Showbox. Get the latest and best apps to your inbox...

Watch Game of Thrones Season 5

watch game of thrones
Just hours ahead of the Game of Thrones Season 5 premiere in the US, the first four episodes have been leaked. It's believed they have originated from DVDs given to journalists prior to the premiere. Now you must ask yourself and important question. Should you watch these leaked episodes, or live under a rather large rock avoiding the impending spoiler...

Bill pay offers: Are they the best value?

bill pay offers
In the coming months, many will not only choose a new smartphone but will also have to choose between bill pay offers and pre-pay offers. We've already seen this question pop up as Three customers are free to leave contracts. To say the very least, this can be a difficult maze to negotiate, so we've created a calculator which...

Avoid Star Wars spoilers you must

Star Wars Spoilers Extension
Remember when yer man Darren was killed off in Love Hate and Ireland erupted into a steaming pile of hatred between those who saw the finale and those who didn't? We're facing into another fragile time for spoilers as Star Wars: The Force Awakens is set to hit the eyes of cinema goers shortly. We urge you to use...

Unboxing: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Unboxing
With a name that never seems to stop, we've had our first look and unboxing of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. https://youtu.be/GvPSaOqi8wg Be sure to follow us on social media and subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the full review, which will be available shortly.

Buying Phone Insurance: Who Offers the Best Gadget Insurance in Ireland?

best gadget insurance ireland
Variety is not much of a problem when it comes to gadget insurance in Ireland. Fear of losing your €800 smartphone usually justifies the protection to most. But with so much choice on the market, just who provides the best gadget insurance in Ireland? Key Things You Need to Know About Gadget Insurance Many people will take the purchase of gadget insurance...

Read this before you shop in CeX

CeX Dublin
We all have some sort of electronics knocking around the home gathering dust, so every now and then you might be tempted to swing into CeX - the Computer Exchange, but are CeX good value? A recent trip to a Dublin CeX store prompted me to dig a little deeper. The Computer Exchange (CeX) CeX is a UK based company, founded...