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Dare to Care: Day eighteen using a Nokia

day 18 living with a nokia
Eighteen days. I've been keeping count. Eighteen days without a smartphone and I'm barely keeping it together. Only for the fact this is all for a great cause in the Irish Cancer Society I'd have switched back to my beloved Galaxy S6. One man can only play so much Snake. Dean and now Martin with his upgrade have been...

Call Forwarding: Prepping for our Dare to Care challenge

So it turns out some modern networks don't work on older mobile phones, leading to me looking into call forwarding. I'm currently using one of Ireland's MVNO networks: iD Mobile. Unfortunately, MVNOs such as Tesco Mobile, iD Mobile and Virgin Media don't work with older Nokia phones. To overcome this problem, I just got myself a SIM on a different...

Nokia 3310: It was a game changer

Nokia 3310
Ready to feel old? This week saw the 16th birthday of the Nokia 3310. Nokia will surely come back on the scene in the near future but still we find one of the most popular and iconic phones ever created was the indestructible Nokia 3310. From design to timing the Nokia 3310 will go down in mobile history as being...

Dare to Care: Goosed on the airwaves

Goos3D on the Sunday Business Show
As part of our Dare to Care efforts, Conall Ó Móráin from Today FM's Sunday Business Show interviewed me. You can listen back to the interview below. We're on in the last ten minutes.

Dare to Care: Nokia 3310 versus Apple iPhone 7

nokia 3310 snake Nokia 3310 versus Apple iPhone 7
Fate has intervened, taking my Nokia 5110 from me before it's time. Thankfully I got upgraded to the Nokia 3310 with the help of the guys over in Cash Encounters of Parnell Street, Dublin. Weighing up the Nokia 3310 versus Apple iPhone 7 Apple iPhone 7 has just launched, so it seems fitting to compare my latest phone to it. The...

Dare to Care Drag Race: Nokia 5110 versus Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The Goos3D Dare to Care kitty is creeping towards €100. Of course, once €100 is hit, we will be turning off our smartphones are moving our lives onto Nokia's. For myself, it's a Nokia 5110 but we'll hear from the others as we go on. To celebrate, for want of a better word, giving up my smartphone, I decided to...

Dare to Care: Five times I missed my smartphone

i missed my smartphone
After one month without a smartphone to raise funds for the Irish Cancer Society, I've picked out five times I missed my smartphone this month. I missed my smartphone in the gym People will often hear me talking about going to the gym. People who really know me, also know it's likely a complete lie. I'm not a regular in the...