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Call Forwarding: Prepping for our Dare to Care challenge

So it turns out some modern networks don't work on older mobile phones, leading to me looking into call forwarding. I'm currently using one of Ireland's MVNO networks: iD Mobile. Unfortunately, MVNOs such as Tesco Mobile, iD Mobile and Virgin Media don't work with older Nokia phones. To overcome this problem, I just got myself a SIM on a different...

Dare to Care: Day one living without a smartphone

living without a smartphone for dare to care
I am considering this to be a successful first day living without a smartphone. I might even go further to say it was somewhat enjoyable. The morning of a man living without a smartphone Half asleep through blurry eyes, I could see a flashing screen. Memories were flooding back to me of the simple alarm sound. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xi0Ly8VvUX8 My morning routine is usually to...

Dare to Care: Goosed on the airwaves

Goos3D on the Sunday Business Show
As part of our Dare to Care efforts, Conall Ó Móráin from Today FM's Sunday Business Show interviewed me. You can listen back to the interview below. We're on in the last ten minutes.

Dare to Care: Day three daring to use an old Nokia

DAY THREE living with an old nokia
When the idea of this challenge started going around the team, I thought to myself "this will be easy. The break from my smartphone will be good". Two days using the old Nokia 2730 is a little tough, I'll admit, but I'm getting used to it. Being pretty much out of touch with the live goings on in the world...

Dare to Care: One week without a smartphone

dare to care day seven
It has one week without a smartphone. I'm almost certain the last time I went this long without a smartphone was before I ever had a smartphone. I've made some observations. Is it actually easier than it looks? Honestly, I think it is. Sure, I'll regret saying that in two weeks, but at the moment it's not too bad. And that's...

Dare to Care: Five times I missed my smartphone

i missed my smartphone
After one month without a smartphone to raise funds for the Irish Cancer Society, I've picked out five times I missed my smartphone this month. I missed my smartphone in the gym People will often hear me talking about going to the gym. People who really know me, also know it's likely a complete lie. I'm not a regular in the...

Microsoft using tech to stop cancer

micosoft use tech to stop cancer
Microsoft today announced their plans to use tech to stop cancer. Using computer science, the technology giant believes they can view cancerous cells as lines of code. Once you have lines of code, they can be reprogrammed into a healthy state. Biology and computing are actually remarkably alike, sharing several deep connections. Microsoft is developing molecular computers built from DNA which...