Recall drunks texts and pin WhatsApp chats

Snapchat doesn’t let you pin chats, do they? No, they don’t but you can now pin WhatsApp chats. That’s an innovation WhatsApp decided all on their own. Fair play.

Isn’t pinning WhatsApp chats a little boring?

Yeah, it’s a slow news day. Sure WhatsApp isn’t even talking about it on their own site where WhatsApp Status is still their big news.

Ah no, being able to pin chats is actually fairly cool and it lets you cut through a lot of the noise in the popular chat app. If you’ve been landed into a few groups, the people you actually want to hear from often get pushed way down into the depths chat list. Now, you simply tap and hold the chat you want to pin and Bob’s your uncle.

There are a few other bits and pieces in the pipeline including what might be the best feature ever for drunk people.

Recall messages in WhatsApp

Why the bloody hell are you allowed to text people when you’re drunk.

drunk texts

Well, WhatsApp got your back. Right now, they’re testing a feature in WhatsApp Beta where you have a five-minute window to recall any texts you send. Guess you’ll have to come to your senses pretty quickly, but still, it’s a step in the right direction.


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