Google has lifted a long-standing ban on gambling apps in the Play Store which means you now easily grab which ever betting app suits you. There’s no shortage of them out there, but which ones are the best? We look to find the best Android betting apps in Ireland.

What Did Google Have Against Betting Apps?

For a long, long time, Google hasn’t allowed gambling apps into the Play Store. Their exact reason was never really made clear and previously had made little comment on the matter, simply stating they “don’t allow content or services that facilitate online gambling, including but not limited to, online casinos, sports betting and lotteries”. This didn’t stop betting companies from creating apps as they never bothered the Apple Store and Android versions could be loaded outside the Google Play Store.

The Best Irish Android Betting Apps

While sideloading apps was a workaround, it was costly for gambling companies to host them and it was a complicated process for users. Thankfully it’s a thing of the past and now you can download these belters straight from the Irish Google Play Store.

1. Paddy Power Android App

Paddy Power is probably the best-known place for betting. I say probably because I haven’t used them in a few years. In college, I lost my lunch money in a casino and then lost my beer money to Paddy Power’s online casino. A quick web chat later, I’d told them to shut down my account for life. Turns out they take that really seriously and to this day, they refuse to let me back onto the service. I really respect them for that, even though I don’t have a gambling problem – honest.

The real reason I’m gutted is that Paddy Power has some of the best deals and odds on the market.

Download Paddy Power’s Android app

2. National Lottery Android App

Technically, this isn’t really a betting app. Actually, right now, it’s not even a proper gambling app. The National Lottery app did create an idea I had years ago. You can scan your Lotto ticket to see if you had a winner or not. Remember when that used to be Aertel’s job!

I’m also popping this into the list because the National Lottery’s app has huge potential. They’ll need to react and develop the app a fair bit, but this could be the end of the Lottery ticket. You can already play most of the games on their website, but the app will make this much more accessible. This simply has to be a priority for the National Lottery who are trying to connect with a modern audience. They killed it when they launched scratchcards in 1970 and I’d wager an app will bring similar rewards.

Download the National Lottery Android App

3. Sky’s Super Six Android App

The Premier League is one of the best sporting events to pass your weekend. The technology involved with the competition is insane and it continues on to your smartphone. Add a little spice to it with Sky’s Super Six competition. Every weekend, you predict the score in six games across Premier League and League One. There’s a winner every week and a running leaderboard where even more prizes can be won. Best of all, Super Six doesn’t cost a cent to play.

Check out their site for more details on the prizes to be won or download the Sky Super Six Android app for free.

4. Sky Bet Android App

Don’t be fooled by Sky’s free Super Six game though. It’s a gateway into Sky Bet. If you’re looking for a little more grunt than the free betting, give Sky Bet a lash. I’ve found them to be great when Paddy Power isn’t an option for reasons already mentioned. On a slight side note, they also accept payments from PayPal, which is nice.

Download the Sky Bet Android app

Generally speaking, the news that betting apps would be allowed into the Google Play Store came from nowhere. We imagine there are plenty of companies like Boylesport scrambling to get an Android app into the Play Store. We’ll update this post once more enter the market.

We’re no under orders to say this or anything but do use these apps for fun. Gambling is a serious business and you can lose everything. When the fun stops, delete the app. Or do what I did and open a webchat.

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