As you might expect, the team has a WhatsApp group and from time to time, article ideas just happen out of the blue. Naturally, we were having a good chin wag about Cheltenham and how tech could help you make some money during the festival, or at least stop you losing the house. Here are our top apps which are now available in the Play Store and some in App Store and site for Cheltenham and, I suppose, horse racing in general. Remember, gamble responsibly.

Martin: Sky Bet and OLBG

Funny story. When I was in college, we spent one night in a casino. I presume the grant had just landed or something but anyway, I had a terrible night. After losing the guts of €250 I headed for home with a back of chips. Battered sausage in one hand and Paddy Power’s website in the other, I managed to lose another €50. I booted up Paddy Power’s webchat and told them I’d lost quite a bit of money and that I thought I had a gambling problem. I may have omitted that there was pints before this stort started.

Turning to Sky Bet

Anyway, long store short: Paddy Power won’t let me bet with them anymore and man oh man are they strict about it. Quite refreshing really. So, I had to find an alternative and Sky Bet is my app of choice. You can pay with PayPal, the app is solid and the odds reasonable. You also get the Super 6 during the Premiership. All in all, I can’t fault Sky Bet and they’re probably one of the lesser considered bookies.

Powered by OLBG

OLBG is a really cool idea for a website. Simply put, OLBG lets you crowdsource your betting decisions. Much like some will study the form and the odds, I study OLBG to see where the money is going as people post their bets publically. It’s like Facebook for gambling. Because it’s gambling, you won’t win them all but if you fancy a flutter and haven’t a clue where to start OLBG is as good a spot as any to get your bearings.

Jon: Paddy Power and Sky Sports

I haven’t made the mistakes that Martin did so I still enjoy Paddy Power, who are nearly more of an entertainment company than a bookies these days.

The Paddy Power App

I find the Paddy Power app is the best for me when placing bets. It’s very simple to sign up and verify your personal details; something you have to do with all gambling apps so making it easy is important. Beyond that that you can deposit any amount you wish into your account and let the games begin. Now while we here at say gamble responsibly, it’s mainly because on a wage that’s all you can really afford to do.

Paddy Power offers all the usual bits one would expect from a betting app:

  • better odds than the onsite bookies
  • special offer bets
  • cash out feature – something I wish I used at the weekend

Yup that stung a tiny bit but what are you going to do about it. Another fun part of Paddy Power’s app is the historical records of all your bets great for when you want to show off your big win to the boys, or lament over that one team that let you down…some people just don’t want to forget that FC Aarhus game.

All in all I think it’s a good betting app even though I know Dean will disagree. Oh, and before I forget here’s my top tip for Cheltenham on Tuesday: 15:30 – Altoir.

The Sky Sports News App

The second app I’ve chosen is the bog standard or my most standard read on the bog; Sky Sports News app.To be honest I’m not the biggest pony fan. I’m more of an F1 and footie person, so when you’re getting the latest updates on Cheltenham you can easily pop off for a second and see how Hamilton is getting on in practice or see Michael Carrick announce his retirement. Sky Sports News is by far the most comprehensive and reliable sports news app. That’s why when it comes to Cheltenham it’s my go-to for anyone who wants the latest in sports news and not just the big sports day. If you ask me, Ireland to win the Grand Slam with a clear ten-point win over England.

Dean: My Racing Tips

I could disagree with Jon, but there are more important things than where you lose your money. What if you haven’t got a clue about horses but want in on the craic? During Cheltenham, this is the vast majority of gambling done and using a website like My Racing Tips could save you a fortune and keep a roof over your head.

My Racing Tips offers bets on singles, doubles, accumulators, Lucky 15’s among other bets that include their NAP (Favourite Horse) of the day.

These guys have been around for years and can be found providing regular updates in daily racing such as drifting horses and horses that are getting well backed. They provide trainer updates and offer stats on horses and always reply when you write to them, whether its an opinion on a horse or the result of a race.

They only select certain horses and don’t back every race as they only look for the best value. But as with all tips, they’re not psychic. They win some and they lose some, but as I mentioned, they’ve been doing this years and have a massive following. I’ve followed them for about eight years myself.

If you’re looking for a few tips this week, or any week for that matter, these are your guys.

Neal: The Racing Post App

The ubiquitous mobile racing app seen in pubs and race courses across Ireland and the UK and is probably the gold standard for mobile horse racing and betting apps. It has changed a lot over of the years with constant updates and stability improvements. Recent visual additions and features have lifted this to the high echelons of sporting and betting apps. It comes with features such as full race cards prices, tips, horse history, form and breed along with daily newspaper, live race reporting and the ability to bet directly with four major bookmakers including Ireland’s very own Paddy Power.

Great you say and for racing aficionados, this sounds a great choice, but I don’t know the back end of a horse to the other.  What’s so great about this app for me? Well, two things, firstly the look of the app is second to none and it’s probably got the most features of any horse racing app. Secondly and crucially, this is from the Racing Post which is the top-selling daily horse news and betting advice newspaper in the UK. Their opinions and tips are highly respected, so you can generally trust their race tips to have a high success rate.

Sure anyway, It’s a free download with access to nearly all the main features, so why not give it a go and hopefully reap the (financial) benefits with a bumper Cheltenham week.

Now that we’ve been all sound, feel free to return the favour and leave all your tips in the comments below.

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