Star Wars Spoilers Extension

Remember when yer man Darren was killed off in Love Hate and Ireland erupted into a steaming pile of hatred between those who saw the finale and those who didn’t? We’re facing into another fragile time for spoilers as Star Wars: The Force Awakens is set to hit the eyes of cinema goers shortly. We urge you to use the force and block all mentions of Star Wars to keep the experience pure for yourself with this cracking Chrome extension.

The Irish premier of Star Wars: The Force Awakens is set to take place on December 17th, with the Spire in Dublin set to become a record breaking sized light saber.

Force Block is an effective Google Chrome extension designed to block out every single mention of Star Wars. The extension adopts a complex method which not only scans pages for live mentions, but also checks to see if the domain has been known to speak about Star Wars in the past.

Upon reaching a website that’s a known Star Wars discusser, you’ll be greeted with a Star Wars related warning and the option to go ahead. Go ahead and try visiting the Goos3D homepage after you install the Chrome extension. The people of the internet are truly looking out for the important things these days.

Also here’s a baby using the force.


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