In the past year, many refused to download Facebook Messenger in defiance of it’s mandatory nature. Facebook have just announced a great new feature which may make you rethink that decision.

Skype is arguably the most popular video calling platform, owing largely to it’s longstanding nature and somewhat reliable performance. Apple battled strongly with a very fast and optimised creation in Facetime, which proved extremely popular. Facebook was widely considered to be the only platform which could challenge, and have just announced video calling in their latest Messenger App update.

You can now video call any of your Facebook contacts using Apple, Android and Windows Phone platforms. The quality is a little sketchy at the moment, but this could likely herald the real dawn of popular video calling.

Currently, the only draw back is the inability to call from mobile to computer and visa versa, but hopefully this will be addressed in the near future.

You can download Facebook Messenger or update your current app from the Google Play Store, App Store and Windows Phone Store.

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