What Did the People of Ireland Google Most in 2017

what the irish googled in 2017

They say we tell Google things we wouldn’t tell our best friends and closest family members. Which is why Google’s annual Trends Report is our favourite insight into the psyche of the people of Ireland every year. So far we’ve had Spotify’s Wrapped and YouTube’s Rewind and now Google Trends is here.

It was a mad year. It’s actually hard to believe it’s been a year since our last annual round up. Anyway, here’s a trip down memory lane for you. The top Google Search was Hurricane Ophelia. It’s not too surprising considering the impact it had on the country. While for many there was building damage, but for others a day working at home, there were also lives lost in Ireland due to extreme weather. A tragic event to top the charts.

Donald Trump has also made an impact in Ireland, so much so he’s the second most Googled term in Ireland. Ireland’s disastrous World Cup qualifier came third while Netflix hit 13 Reasons Why is perhaps one of the more surprising entries into the top five, a top five closed off with fidget spinners. It’s actually a little hard to believe fidget spinners were this year. They feel like an incredibly distant memory.

Ireland’s Most Googled Movies in 2017

While La La Land performed well in terms of awards, there was only one movie the people of Ireland were frantically Googling; Christopher Nolan’s stunning Dunkirk. Dunkirk had an extra layer of searchability as the movie was available to watch on two different screens. Stephen King’s It terrified the nation while Beauty and the Beast‘s remake was the third most Googled movie of the year. La La Land had to wait for fourth spot before makig this Google catch up. Maybe it’s just not the kind of sing song we’re into. The top five was rounded off nicely with Justice League.

Most Googled Recipes in Ireland

Good old Spag Bol was the most searched for recipe by us adventurous Irish in 2017. Chili con carne and beef stroganoff came second and third. In fourth is my beloved guacamole. I’m a massive fan of Mexican food and probably contributed quite a few searches for guac myself. Pavlova completes the top five most searched for recipes in 2017.

What is and How to?

We’ve got a feeling that between Google Home and the Amazon Echo, 2018 will be the year of voice search. That makes searches like “what is” and “how to” become more important than ever as they are in conversational style. The very top of the list is a shocker. While extremely cool, the antikythera mechanism tops the search results list. I’m not even going to try and explain it. Here’s a video:

That was followed by some more expected results like hurricanes and the hot topic in Goos3D Tower right now; Bitcoin. To go along with Trump’s popularity, in search volume that is, covfefe also makes the top ten searched “what is…” topics, while it still quite clear that nobody in this country knows what a tracker mortgage is as that also made the list.

What the hell is slime? That’s me asking. “How to make slime” topped the “how to…” list along with one question we did out best to answer for the Irish public; how to watch McGregor vs Mayweather. How to lose weight, top up credit on Three, bleed radiators and download TV shows on Netflix all featured in the top ten and wouldn’t you know it, we answered the last one too.

What a year it was. Now we just have to wait another 12 months to see how dramatically different it all changes again.

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