Snapps: Walk Against Humanity is Cards Against Humanity mashed with fitness

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First things first, I presume you’ve heard of Cards Against Humanity right? The card game for horrible people where the funniest answer wins? Well, now someone has created a fitness app that’s definitely inspired by the game. Will a horrible fitness app like Walk Against Humanity help to motivate Marty?

What does Walk Against Humanity do?

Walk Against Humanity does the usual stuff you’d expect from your fitness tracker. It’ll track your steps and even map out where you’ve been. The real reason I’m interested in the app is how it motivates you. Much like hooking my weighing scales up to Twitter, it’s all about shame. The app dishes out plenty of abuse when you’re not achieving your goals. Many describe the tone as snarky.

If you’re a little bit more delicate and want to steer clear of the abuse, you can opt for nuggets of trivia instead.

One slightly different take on some other fitness apps is the leaderboard. As you’d expect, you can line yourself up against friends. Actually, if they’re not pulling their weight you dish them out burns through the app too. Walk Against Humanity also lets you measure up against others in your area. Nice bit of social competition there, encouraging you to take over your locality. There’s a bit of a Pokémon GO vibe off that aspect.

Walk Against Humanity Ireland: How to download the app

If you’re on iPhone, happy days. Head on over to the app store and download the app and get stepping. It’s a freebie too.

Android users, strangely, don’t have Google Play Store access for the app yet. Surely, it’s just a matter of time, but you don’t have to wait either. You can download the Walk Against Humanity APK file and install the app yourself. Just allow installs from unknown sources and you’ll be up and running in no time. See what I did there?



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walk-against-humanity-fitness-appWith highlights such as leaderboards and torrents of abuse, Walk Against Humanity was always going to fair well with me. A completely different approach to anything out there at the minute to keep your workout fresh.

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