Virgin Media Broadband Outage: Inside the mind of a customer

virgin media broadband outage modem on fire

Every now and then, “stuff breaks”. These are the sentiments of Laoise, a logical and calm user of the internet. During a recent Virgin Media broadband outage, not everyone was quite as calm and calculated as Laoise.

The Virgin Media broadband outage is Conchubhar’s excuse

In the run up to Christmas, there are three types of student. The first is unhappy their college insists on exams before Christmas because it makes shopping for presents really tough. The second feels dismayed that the Christmas period is ruined with January exams, combining Mary Poppins, Celebrations and study. The third is simply pissed off there are exams at all. This is Conchubhar:


With no desire to study, Virgin Media are now the root cause of failed exams. Not happy with that, this entrepreneurial spirit even sees an opportunity to get some extra Bucky-budget out of next month’s bill. Nice.

You wouldn’t like Diane when she’s angry

Well, we hope you’re happy now Virgin Media. You’ve not only shut down the whole country’s access to the internet, but Diane is gone to bed angry.

virgin media broadband outage sleepless nights

Technically, “not going to bed angry” is advice given to married couples. With that said, there’s a fair chance Virgin Media will be facing into a few divorces in the coming weeks. Boom.

…aaaand they wouldn’t sell me a phone

One thing we often see when big companies have significant issues is customers dragging up the past. Take Mark here. Ireland’s currently experiencing what appears to be the digital apocalypse, but still, he want’s to get a dig in about his experience buying a phone.

can't even buy a phone

On the plus side, their next marketing campaign is writing itself:

Virgin Media: We can’t get anything right

Then people start to wonder

Is anyone actually trying to help? Has anyone in Virgin Media taken the situation by the scruff of the neck?

tin foil hats for virgin media

Tomás, if only you knew who was on the case…

Daryl is the hero Ireland deserves

Thanks to the Virgin Media broadband outage, there is likely flames coming from their head office right now. People are abandoning their stations, belongings are being left behind. Women and children are given priority while some men disguise themselves. As this all goes on, Daryl sat at his desk, carefully plotting his every social media move. Until suddenly, he was gone.

virgin media customer care daryl

No one was quite sure where he went. Some feared the worst – a recruiter moved him into Sky’s customer care. No one knew where he was until the broadband started working again.

customer care hero

Everyone knew who the real hero was here:

daryl is virgin media's hero

Good job Daryl. Here’s hoping his Reddit AMA gets going.

Be like Daryl. And Laoise

The eye of the storm. The moment previous, everything was mayhem and anarchy. Suddenly, peace and quiet. You hear birds and laughter. As Daryl works frantically though seemingly in slo-motion, Laoise steps forward.

staying chilled in a crisis

Listen to Laoise. Be like Laoise.

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