Credit From Your Echo: Three Launches Alexa Top Up In Ireland

three top up with alexa

Last week on Twitter someone asked me to refresh an article I did a few years back. It was the top Amazon Alexa Skills to install on your Amazon Echo device. I really need to get around to updating our own skill because I’m sure most houses now have some sort of Echo device in them. The Irish-specific features of what Alexa can do are always increasing. Today, Three added to that by launching Alexa prepay top-up, a “world first” for prepay customers.

What Is Alexa Top Up?

When I think of voice assistant and my perception of tech when I was younger, the smart home with voice controls was something only Bill Gates could afford. Today, Three launched a service which means prepay customers can top up their phones using voice control. Mad, isn’t it? All this voice control is powered by tiny smart speakers which have become remarkably affordable. For just €30 you can buy an Amazon Echo Dot which gives you access to all the voice controls in the home you want. You’ll need compatible accessories and smart plugs but once you have them, it’s time to image your Mr. Gates.

Do you remember back in the day when you’d have to go to a shop to buy a slip of paper to add credit to your phone? Ah, to be fair, it’s not that long ago I guess, but today Three customers with an Alexa-powered device, simply have to say “Alexa, ask My3 to top me up” and they can buy credit for their phone.

a safe and simple way for our customers to top up, all from the comfort of their own homes

Neasa Parker, Director of Consumer for Three Ireland

Three’s Neasa Parker believes things like this are signs of tech’s increased role in our day to day life saying “in recent months, many people have adapted to new ways of living and have increasingly relied on technology to stay connected to those that matter most, and we wanted to bring a safe and simple way for our customers to top up, all from the comfort of their own homes”.

How Does Alexa Top Up Work?

First thing you’ll have to do is download the free Three Alexa Skill. From there, you need to follow these steps:

  1. “Alexa, ask My3 to top me up”. 
  2. When prompted, confirm the amount to top up “Top me up €20”.
  3. Select “default card” or for example “card ending 1234” when asked by Alexa to confirm the card to use.
  4. Alexa will provide an overview of the top up and ask for confirmation to proceed before then confirming that top-up was successful.

Here’s a handy video guide.

Learn more about how to top-up on the Three website.

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