Tesla Model S 2017: New electric car and Irish Tesla test drive information

test drive the tesla model s in ireland

Elon Musk is Goos3D’s favourite genius, entrepreneur, philanthropist and honestly, potential super villain. Well anyway, he’s back at it again with the announcement of the 2017 Tesla Model S to coincide with an Irish launch and Irish Tesla test drive dates.

The Model S has benefited massively from constant innovation and creativity since its inception in 2012. It slowly became a beacon of hope for the green energy movement in the motor industry. This is solely down to the utilisation and integration of new ground-breaking technology at every step, but the look has stayed the same since day one. Now let me break that down for you. Four years ago, think about what you looked like, how you dressed and how your hair looks etc. Would you be happy to be seen like that now? Likely not, well then you get the idea.

The Model S needed and upgrade and boy did it get it, bringing the 2017 Model S more in line with the Model 3 and Model X versions. Gone is the faux front grille, which is replaced by a new front fascia with slightly reshaped headlights and a sleeker, more streamlined look. Not a bad start. The 90D and P90D models also boast an increased driving range. The 90D, with its 90-kWh battery, improves from 270 miles to 294 miles on a full charge, The P90D sees range go from 253 miles to 270 miles.

One should expect that due to the lack of mechanical improvements, it is the Model S onboard computers that are creating a more efficient output and increasing travel time. And at approved service station ports a full charge is estimated at ten minutes, so grab a coffee and a sambo and off you pop again. These numbers haven’t yet been published on the EPA’s website, although Tesla’s own site says they’re EPA-official.

A huge significant change here is the modification of the onboard charger from 40 to 48 amp, which may not sound like a lot but charging purposes it really is. A standard phone charger is 1 amp while a fast charger is 2 amp, so its 24 times more powerful and faster than your “super fast charger”. Tesla says it enables quicker charging than before when connected to a 240-volt NEMA 14-50 power outlet or to a Tesla Wall Connector. At the moment there is no exact figures released in terms of the output here but the old 40-amp system was estimated to deliver 29 miles of range per hour of charge. You can expect more than 30 miles per hour for the new car. This change won’t affect the amount of time it takes to juice up with Tesla’s Supercharger network of quick chargers

One on the biggest new features joining the Model S arsenal this year is the HEPA air filtration system (High-efficiency particulate arrestance) which to you and mean is essentially a fancy name for an air filter which removes pollution and allergens from the air. It supposed to mean everything runs smoother and more effectively, almost like something one would see on a high-end gaming laptop (not really but closest comparison we could come up with).

Of course, all these new toys come at a cost. Sure enough, the 2017 version of the Model S is €1400 pricier across the range, the standard model starting at a what they call reasonable €81,000 with the supreme model with a whole six extra miles to give an extra €4000, why bother. If your so inclined to hit the top shelf, the Model S P90D breaks the bank at a bone crushing €110,000. Affordable me hole.

So as rumours will have it, these new bits and pieces will go into production as the companies California base with immediate effect. With the new update being visual as well as internal this is pretty much the first time owners will not be able to apply an over the air software update, similar to that of a phone. Here’s hoping those with the current Model S need an update and leave a few second-hand motors lying about for the rest of us. Or, of course, you could take a look at the Tesla Ireland: Model 3 launchModel 3 which looks to be a much more affordable idea altogether.

Test drive Tesla in Ireland this December

No more will Irish drivers need to shop for Tesla in the UK either. Musk’s company just announced the availability of the electric car in Ireland. A dedicated website is now available showing actual pricing. You can even book test drive slots in early December.

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