Tech Predictions for 2016

Throughout 2015 we’ve already looked at the Google search trends and what was big at this year’s Web Summit, but what about the tech predictions for 2016? We’re taking a punt so join us for the Goos3D tech predictions for 2016.

Virtual reality

Murder She Wrote gifThe reach of virtual reality seems limitless as it provides an immersive gaming experience, flexible news medium and adoption on a budget for those seeking to dip their toe in the water. The latter, owing largely to Google Cardboard, means anyone with a smartphone can try virtual reality for around €25, unless you find one of the many companies that are giving these out for free. For 2016 I would expect to see even better apps and improved on-board sensors within handsets which improve responsiveness during virtual reality use.

With YouTube’s recent support for 360 degree video, there will be an increase in 360 video capture, so you can expect to see practical uses for virtual reality emerge such as selling homes from a far, customised car sale and of course gaming.

Google alternatives will grow in popularity

DuckDuckGoFor many, Google is the first port of call for the day to day queries that pop up but there are a few alternatives emerging from the shadows. With Microsoft pulling of a master-stroke in providing free upgrades for loads of users meaning loads of users found their new and improved Edge browser, formerly Internet Explorer. Edge is certainly an improvement on Internet Explorer and may play a part in the ever-increasing growth in Bing searches. While it’s unlikely to replace Google any time soon, Bing is second in line to the search behemoth.

A real challenge could also be formed at the hands of newcomer DuckDuckGo, who though active since 2008 have reached new levels of usage since a 2014 redesign. The relatively fledging search engine is now included in iOS as an option and is experiencing rapid growth, owing largely to the companies privacy policies.

Broadband might actually get fast down the country

Vodafone have been testing super fast broadband in parts of Ireland for the past few months and when I say fast I mean bloody fast. Teaming up with the ESB, Vodafone’s super fast broadband is routed to the in what is known as Fibre to the Building (FTTB) broadband, providing in excess of 1000 Mbps. Phase one which is currently under way will eventually reach 500,000 homes in selected areas around Ireland and could revolutionise how the country views its network infrastructure.

Technology will remain completely unpredictable

Did you ever think you would use your phone to sort your laundry or be able to see just how many parking spaces were in your usual carpark? Technology keeps evolving in both ways we could never have imagined and in ways that are a little more expected. Either way, we’re excited to see if our tech predictions for 2016 come true or not.

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