Tech Gift Cards: The best last minute gift

tech gift cards

You may have forgotten a birthday or someone was just too awkward to shop for. Regardless, tech gift cards are some of the best last minute gifts on the market.

But aren’t gift cards a little impersonal?

Gift cards are considered by many to be a last resort gift, only to be offered when all other options have been exhausted. But nowadays, a gift card could be free music for a month or the same as a DVD boxset. Of course, if you can get something that’s totally meaningful and the likes go for it. But if you’re really stuck, or caught out at short notice, gift cards are great. You can usually email them to people too, so even on days like Christmas day you can get them.

The Spotify gift card

Spotify has made listening to the latest tunes so easy, few people even steal music anymore. A while back, we compared the best music streaming services on the market. Spotify is still our favourite. The music streaming service also updated their terms and conditions lately. The update allows Premium for Family users to have up to six other family members on their account. No limit is placed upon use, but terms do state that users should reside at the same address.

I digress. Spotify gift cards have some other great benefits. First, there’s a range of amounts you can buy the gift cards for. This is great because there’s an option to suit every relationship type. But that’s not the best bit. If you’re caught out at the last minute, Spotify fulfils these gift cards online. Instant gift solution.

Spotify membership ranges from 1 to 12 months at €10 to €120.

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The Amazon gift card

We’re big fans of and have gone over how to get delivery to Ireland when sellers only ship to the UK – often for free. An Amazon gift card is essentially the power to buy anything. Amazon has a massive range of items on sale. You can also benefit from the weaker Sterling at the moment so it’s win-win.

Should you find yourself caught on the hop, you can buy Amazon gift vouchers online and have them delivered to friends and family by email. So even if your caught looking for a gift voucher on a bank holiday or a big day like Christmas, you can still get it sorted.

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The Netflix gift card

How we watch TV has changed. Even if you are a Sky customer, I’d wager you’re watching more and more of your shows on demand. If you’re a Virgin Media customer, you likely hate their customer care. I digress.

Christmas 2015 saw Netflix release Making a Murderer. This was the first time I truly binged on a show. In two days I was outraged and shocked at what I was viewing. Netflix has since commissioned more original content and is constantly adding to a great library of entertainment. By gifting a friend or family member Netflix, you’re not just gifting them with great shows. You’re also saving yourself the hardship of them borrowing your details.

The only drawback is you will need to think ahead a little. Netflix memberships cannot be bought online. You can pick them up in stores like Tesco, Harvey Norman and Game Stop.

The GameStop gift card

Probably one of the most flexible gift cards available. GameStop gift cards are great because most people like to buy their own games. Also, a whole family could get these and let someone put them together to buy a bigger item like a console. GameStop is also ahead of many Irish retailers, as they allow you to buy online and choose virtual delivery. You can also redeem gift cards with online purchases. These really are a must remember for convenience and emergencies.

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Google Play and iTunes gift cards

People really don’t like paying for apps, and that’s a pity. Some great apps, such as TomTom Go Mobile, are worth every penny. Treating a loved one to either Google Play or iTunes gift cards allows them to let the hair down and buy a premium app. These gift cards are also great for a young family member that might have an old phone. They’ll love the chance to get some premium apps.

Surprisingly, Google Play don’t allow you to gift store credit online. Apple does provide a service where you can send gift vouchers online. Fantastic if you’re caught out at the last minute and sure everyone has an iPhone.

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Hopefully, you can now see why not to rule out gift cards. One4All vouchers are a little generic, but with these tech gift cards, you can really gift a loved one something they’ll appreciate.

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