Taxi Apps to Help Friday’s Voters

Taxi app giants Hailo and Uber are offering free taxis to voters this Friday. This is the perfect and unlikely marriage, also giving you the chance to try out both of these taxi apps and see which you prefer.

Free Hailo Trip

Hailo are providing a €15 voucher to get you to your local polling station. Hailo have been very vocal in their support of a Yes vote, with rainbow colour cars and most recently a brilliant Heterophobic taxi driver showing how all discrimination is ridiculous. Check out the Hailo website for more taxi credit information.

Two Free Uber Trips

Growing from strength to strength following a strong start to the taxi battles from Hailo, Uber are also offering some discounted trips. Arguably, their promotion is much more straight forward. Simply enter the promo code Uber4Equality and you’ll receive 2 free trips up to €15 to polling stations around Dublin.

No rainbow cars from Uber, but it’s a great gesture. Both companies have been extremely impressive in the run up to this very important day for equality in Ireland.

Have you seen a tech company come up with a unique way of supporting equality? Let us know!


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