Speaking Puppy: Snapchat Filters For Your Dog

speaking puppy snapchat app for dogs

One of my favourite tech things has to be augmented reality. My reason for loving augmented reality is simple; a lot of people are using it every day and have no idea. How is that? AR is the technology behind Snapchat filters and so is the reason you can morph your head into a puppy. As is often the case, tech has now come full circle as thanks to the Speaking Puppy app, you can now use Snapchat-like filters with your dog.

Speaking Puppy: The Animal Filter App

Speaking Puppy is the latest app from 2020CV, a company that makes some insane ideas possible. In the past, they’ve helped people turn rolls of paper into AR lightsabers so it’s pretty clear why they caught my attention. Tech and lightsabers, in the one place. Brilliant. Now they’ve only gone and added puppies into the mix.

Speaking Puppy lets you apply a Snapchat-like filter to your pupper. Going a step further, the app also animates your dog’s mouth so you can make it look like they are saying stuff.

Yup, this is the latest tech that I felt you needed to know about and I have no regrets about that at all.

Will we get a similar app to make Snapchat-like filters that work on birds? Can you look forward to a world where face-swapping with a cat is the highlight of your day? Look forward to the future people.

Download Speaking Puppy for iPhone now.

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