The five best Chrome Extensions you should be using

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A whopping 71% of Goos3D’s desktop traffic is using Google Chrome. If you’re in the 71%, you can use Chrome Extensions. We take a look at the best Chrome Extensions and why you should use them.

What are Chrome Extensions?

Google Chrome lets you install Chrome Extensions to personalise your web browsing experience. There’s an insane selection of Chrome Extensions out there. Some are fun, others helpful with more being almost essential.

The best Chrome Extensions

For us, the best Chrome Extensions improve your browsing experience and provide insight into how your data is used.


I’m always surprised how many Chrome users don’t use AdBlock. Practically every website in the world is trying to cram ads down your next. Granted we don’t, but we’re sound. AdBlock, as the name suggests, removes the vast majority of ads online. You know that feeling when you can fast forward through a recorded TV show? AdBlock is the best Chrome Extension because it gives you that feeling online. Better still, it’s totally free.

If could opt for the premium AdBlock Plus, you can even block YouTube ads.

Get AdBlock for Chrome

The Great Suspender

Every time you open a new tab in Chrome, it’s like running another programme on your computer. Because of this, Chrome has gained a reputation as a bit of a memory hog. You might notice your computer gets a little slow or noisy when browsing. The Great Suspender checks through your tabs to see what you’re actually using. It then suspends anything it can to save memory and make your experience online smoother.

Get The Great Suspender for Chrome


Oh, how I love Grammarly. You’ll never truly know how good or bad your grammar is until you use Grammarly. This Chrome Extension scans everything you type. It then highlights grammar and spelling mistakes. Think of the last time you spotted a mistake in your Facebook status or email to your boss. Now ensure that never happens again.

Get Grammarly for Chrome


While we don’t show ads, Goos3D does track your site usage. We use this data to ensure we’re creating good content and to show you more relevant content on Facebook. Ghostery is one of the best Chrome Extensions to give you more insights into who is tracking you. When you load a page, the extension icon will show you how the site is tracking you. You can then click the icon to get even more insights.

Ghostery then goes one step further and allows you to either trust or block a site from tracking you. Even using Ghostery for just a few days will give you a better idea of how sites are tracking you.

Get Ghostery for Chrome

Truman Grade

As you’ve probably guessed, we take online privacy fairly seriously. We’ve written about it a few times. Truman Grade is a brilliant Chrome Extension to give you a quick look at a site’s security. The extension rates sites based on risk, security, privacy and visibility. The extension comes with both a free and premium tier but offers plenty for free.

Get Truman Grade for Chrome

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