Octagon 4D+: How augmented reality will become reality

Octagon 4D are a great example of how simplicity is the easiest way to innovate new technologies to the masses.

AR VR Innovate 2016

AR VR Innovate 2016 brought together key decision makers and investors interested in the latest advances in the augmented and virtual reality worlds. Throughout the day, various talks from market leaders and influences kept the crowds happy, but it was a stand in the expo area which really caught the eye with a brilliant augmented reality concept.

What is the difference between augmented reality and virtual reality?

Here at Goos3D we regularly sing the praises of virtual reality developers and are guilty of brushing augmented reality to the side. The difference between the two is more substantial that you may first think. Virtual reality requires a headset and ultimately aims to completely immerse the user in a virtual world. Augmented reality instead overlays a section virtual media onto the real world around you. Octagon 4D+ are a great example of this in action.

Octagon 4D+: An augmented reality teaching tool

Octagon 4D+

Speaking at the conference, Don Levy, best known for leading multi-Academy Award winning studios, pleaded for the public to give augmented and virtual reality time to develop. The movie maker then outlined how simplicity was the key to these fledgling technology’s success.

Octagon 4D+ are a brilliant example of simplicity in that they are not reinventing the wheel. Instead they are reinventing how we learn about the wheel in the first place.

The augmented reality studio have produced several apps aimed at encouraging children to learn about topics such as solar systems, occupations and the alphabet through augmented reality. With a simple app, the user focuses their device’s camera on a card, not to dissimilar to a playing card. From this, a pop-up appears, promoting the phone to announce the character’s title aloud and renders a 3D visual experience to the user.

Going one step further

While remaining simple, the apps allow the user to combine cards and give further depth to the experience.

We’ll be back with even more news from the AR VR Innovate Conference in the coming days.

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