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Christmas Apps

Once you’ve stuff yourself with turkey and worn silly paper hats, you’ll probably be looking to pass and hour or so before that movie comes on and the box of Roses gets opened. This hour used to be passed with boardgames or parlour games that would descend into chaos well before a winner would be found. Move aside old school as nowadays you’re more likely to play smartphone based games or challenges. We’ve taken a look at the best apps and games to get you through Christmas Day.

My Lovely App iOSAndroid

My Lovely AppFather Ted has strangely become a Christmas tradition with the Christmas special gracing our TV stations every year. We all have that one friend that think’s they know everything about Father Ted and now you can really test them with My Lovely App. The gauntlet is set with a ten question challenge and some answers will come to a little easier than others. Still, My Lovely App is sure to bring a bit of craic to your living room.

Charades! – iOSAndroid

Charades! is a modern take on the classic game of the same name. Choose a category and hold the phone against your head as your friends and family try to act out what’s on the screen for you to guess. If you get it right, you tilt the phone down and if you need to pass, tilt it up. The game then moves onto the next item to be guessed. Charades! is simple but great fun and offers in-app purchases if you outgrow the free categories.

Netflix – iOSAndroidWindows

This one is a no-brainer. While Christmas TV is decent and Eastenders is sure to be a cliffhanger, Netflix has a fantastic repository of shows and movies to get your through the evening. The Muppets Christmas Carol has been added on Christmas Day while shows like Making a Murderer provide you with an incredible story to enjoy an alternative Christmas Evening.

If you want to make your home even cosier, Netflix have even launched an hour-long 4K fireplace.

App Store – iOS (pre-installed)

That family member you didn’t expect arrived or the cousins landed over unexpectedly, but you need a gift quick and obviously everything is closed. If they have an iPad or an iPhone you can gift them premium apps from the iOS store once you have an account yourself. Unfortunately, the Google Play Store does not provide a similar service in Ireland as of yet, but just look how thinking outside the box can help you out of a sticky situation.

Skype – iOSAndroid

Australia has them now, but the lost children of Ireland are much easier to contact nowadays. When we say communicate, we really mean the new Christmas tradition of “Can you hear me, I can see you but I can’t hear…feck it you’re gone altogether now”. No Christmas is complete without a ropey Skype call to someone away from home.

Elf Yourself – iOS Android

6a00d8341cd0b753ef0105367fc1b1970bThere is something about god awful tackiness around Christmas that everyone just loves. Better still is god awful tackiness that rips the piss out of someone. Elf Yourself is a simple idea that allows you to place the photos of some friends and family into a short video of Elfs dancing. Of course you can then share this on social media and embarrass the life of someone. The free version of the app is fine but there are in app purchases available for more scenes.

We’re sure there are plenty of apps out there we’ve missed and one’s you think are more important, so let us know below! Either way we hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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