Just Eat Introduce Contactless Delivery

just eat contactless delivery

We’re taking more cautions because of Covid-19. As a nation, we’re taking unprecedented steps to stem the spread of a virus in our communities. Your social media feed is likely full of people panic-buying whatever is left on Tesco shelves. But, I’m a lazy man and one of the first things I thought throughout all of this was “I wonder if Just Eat is still delivering?”.

Is Just Eat Still Delivering?

Yes. Just Eat is still delivering! Of course, I know that not everyone is within an area serviced by delivery drivers or drone delivery, but if you are and spot the fridge looking a bit sparse, order yourself a takeaway.

As has become quite clear, we are not all responsible for reducing the risk of spreading Covid-19 in our communities. At a glance, you may think ordering a take away is a little irresponsible. However, Just Eat has taken steps to endure safe delivery by introducing contactless delivery.

What Is Contactless Delivery?

Contactless delivery is nothing to do with payments. As you complete your order with Just Eat, you will be able to leave a note for the restaurant you’re ordering from. Here, you can leave instructions for a contactless delivery.

I’ll buzz you in and you can leave the order inside the door

For example, when you order you can say “Call me when outside, I’ll buzz you in and you can leave the order inside the door”.

Just Eat has communicated with partners to make it clear to delivery drivers that you will need a contactless delivery. This is priceless for those at home self-isolating.

It’s believed that Deliveroo will introduce a similar service next week.

Isn’t This Silly?

Now, many might think this is silly. Don’t run the risk and just cook what you have. For me, there are two reasons efforts like this from Just Eat and Deliveroo are important.

Cabin Fever

If you’ve been cooked up in a house for two weeks eating rice and ketchup, a treat from the local kebab shop could do a lot to keep your head straight. With contactless delivery, risk of transmission to the delivery driver is reduced to almost nil. You do have a responsibility to take every step to keep it that way.

Support Restaurants

Today I cancelled flights, a hotel booking, a Bed and Breakfast booking and a visit to the Teeling Whiskey Distillery. It really doesn’t feel nice knowing I’m taking revenue away from small and large businesses. All the businesses of Ireland deserve a massive shout out too for being very understanding and accomodating during trying times.

Restaurants are going to be going through a tough time right now as people practising social distancing stay home. You can still support your local businesses by ordering a contactless delivery of a takeaway from your favourite restaurant.

Again, I know I run the risk of being the lad from Kilkenny, living in Dublin who forgets he grew up where the thoughts of getting a pizza delivered was a pipedream. But if you are self-isolating or just practising social-distancing as well you should be, Just Eat and Deliveroo contactless deliveries are a great way to keep a little bit of life normal.

They also deliver booze. Just saying.

If you require further information on Covid-19 please visit the HSE website for trusted advice. Here you’ll find scientific factual information on Coronavirus. Also, I personally recommend you take a few minutes away from social media because it’s not a pretty place right now.

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