How to Get Your Best Nine on Instagram

2018 best nine instagram

There’s nothing like a new year to unleash a rampaging swell of nostalgia to our newsfeeds and timelines! If you’re an Instagram user, you’ll almost certainly have spotted people sharing their “Best Nine” for 2018. Here’s what the “Best Nine” is all about and how you can create your own.

What is the Instagram Best Nine?

The Instagram Best Nine is an annual tradition on the social media platform where everyone shares their top nine posts from the year that’s just passed. The make-up of the posts is fairly straightforward too. A single image is posted combining the top nine images from the year. Then you add whatever text you like, usually accompanied with one of the hashtags, like #BestNine, #2018bestnine or #TopNine.

While it’s a massive tradition with millions taking part, Facebook-owned Instagram doesn’t actually let you do this on their platform. Instead, you need to go to an external service to create the image and then post it all yourself. 

Here’s how to do that.

How to See Your Best Nine on Instagram

Without Instagram holding your hand through the process, you may be a little put-off, but it’s incredibly easy to see your best nine on Instagram. 

First of all, you need to know whether your account is private or public. I’d imagine after watching “You”, the latest Netflix Original Series, there’s a fair chance you’re set to private, but I’ll show you both options.

How to See Your Best Nine on Public Instagram Accounts

If your account is public, then getting your top nine Instagram posts for 2018 couldn’t be easier. Also, ignore the 2017 part of the website. They’ve updated everything for 2018.

  1. Head on over to the Best Nine website
  2. Punch in your Instagram username
  3. That’s it!

Next, download the image and head on over to Instagram to post it with whatever message you’d like to add.

How to See Your Best Nine on Private Instagram Accounts

Should you opt to keep your Instagram account private, you’ll need to download the Best Nine app. If you’re an Android user, you’re looking for the Top Nine for Instagram app. iPhone and other iOS users are looking for the Best Nine app.

Connect up your account to generate your top nine posts for 2018 and share away!

I’d recommend deleting the app and revoking all permissions. It’s just good housekeeping considering this app is only used once a year. Why give them extended access to your Instagram account?

Which Hashtag To Use? – #2018BestNine or #TopNine?

I’ve taken a quick look at the stats to decide which best nine hashtag you should use to post on Instagram.

  • #BestNine has 482k posts
  • #2018BestNine has 596k posts
  • #TopNine has 223k posts

As often happens with these unofficial trends, a few different app creators and website builders have tried to get in on the act. But #2018BestNine is proving to be the most popular hashtag this year.

Post your 2018 Best Nine on Instagram

All that’s left to do now is to post your own best nine photos on Instagram. Feel free to give @goosed_ie an aul tag too. We’d love to see what made your year special. Also, we promise that Tesla video is coming…eventually!


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