The iPhone 7 rumours: News, rumours, leaks, specs and more

iphone 7 rumours

The iPhone SE has launched with a luke-warm response, so naturally everyone is now looking for the latest iPhone 7 rumours and news. Some features might be kept for the Pro model, but here’s what we know so far.

When is the iPhone 7 launching?

As is the norm for Apple, it will be pretty late in the day the the date for the iPhone 7 launch keynote is confirmed. However, it will likely follow suit with previous years and be announced for September 2016.

What new Apple devices will be launching in September?

New phones

Apple are expected to launch the iPhone 7 and the larger iPhone 7 Plus. Rumours have emerged that Apple plan to remove the plus from the title of the latter, opting instead for the “Pro” moniker. This will align the cellular and non-cellular aspects of the Apple business.

Other Apple devices

Come September we could already have the Apple Watch 2. Other than that all that is left to update this year is the iPad Air 3. Last year was an  unusual one, as the expected launch of the next generation iPad Air was overlooked by Apple. It’s unlikely another year will pass without an update.

What are the new features of the iPhone 7

iPhone 7 headphone socket

Leaked images show how listening to music on a the Californian designed smartphone will change significantly, in what is arguably the most exciting iPhone 7 rumour to emerge to date.

leaked images of the iPhone 7

The image seems to be reliable and shows some very interesting developments. The first time to jump out is the lack of a headphone socket on the bottom of the handset. Apple have teased about this in the past and may finally be making the move to kill 3.5mm headphone jacks.

iPhone 7 headphone socketThere are two outstanding alternatives Apple may be plotting; wireless Bluetooth ear-pods or wired headphones through the lightning connector. The latter here is perhaps the most likely, while also offering exciting possibilities. Audio partner, Beats, would not longer require battery packs in their noise-cancelling headphones, instead being able to run power from the smartphone.

Smart Dock feature

smart dockThe leaked image also shows connectors at the base on the rear of the iPhone 7. This suggests Apple are seeking an alternative to wireless charging, which has proven popular with Samsung. The connector will also open the doors for a range of in-car features and home speakers. Remember when you had to throw out all those 30-pin chargers? The time has come again.


iPhone 7 camera sensorApple would appear to be testing the waters with a reasonably big change on the camera front as well. Images have emerged of a dual sensor (right), which will apparently feature on the next generation of iPhone. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen smartphones with dual sensors. Huawei have featured it recently, while it also featured on the HTC One M8.

iphone 7 cameraThe leaked schematic shows there is plenty of room on the rear of the handset for this a rumour that should hold some water.

Leaked renders of Apple iPhone 7

Updated 19th May 2016.

What appears to be very high res and quite likely to be true leaks of the iPhone 7’s design have appeared online. Credit to GSM Arena who have sourced these leaked images, and also have more for you to enjoy.

Updated 4th 2016.

Lewis from Unbox Therapy has looked at a mock up of the iPhone 7 Pro.

leaked iphone 7 render

More iPhone 7 rumours

We’ll keep this post up to date with the latest iPhone 7 news and rumours.



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