iOS 9 WiFi Assist and iPhone 6s Launch Date

It’s time for another episode of Good Idea, Bad Idea while looking at the latest Apple have to offer.

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The iPhone 6s launch date

So it’s finally confirmed. Apple today updated their site to show that the iPhone 6s will be available from the 9th of October.

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iOS 9 WiFi Assist

Okay, calling it a bad idea is a bit harsh, but this is something that should have been made clear and defaulted to off. WiFi Assist is a new feature which appeared on iOS devices following the update to iOS 9. If you’ve ever been on a dodgy WiFi connection and experienced it connecting and disconnecting for craic, you know the frustration. WiFi Assist uses your data plan to fill in the gaps, reducing the likelihood of you being interrupted. The downside is that if you do not have an unlimited or all you can eat data plan, you could find yourself with a hefty bill.

If you would rather not run the risk, simply make your way to Settings > Cellular > then scroll to the bottom and you’ll see WiFi Assist turned on if you’re already upgraded to iOS9. Just tap to turn off.

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