Huawei Watch: US, European and Irish Update

huawei watch ireland

Wearables aren’t necessarily for everyone, but the Huawei Watch seems to hold to capability of changing the prevailing thoughts of the wearable market.

Huawei have taken a very logical approach to overcoming the general hesitancy of the masses to adopt wearables – make the wearables more like normal watches. Huawei have managed to go one further with the Huawei Watch and created a simply gorgeous watch.

huawei watch irelandEven more interesting is the confirmation that the Android Wear powered Huawei Watch will be both Android and iOS compatible. We could rattle on about the spec, but it’s best you check out the Huawei website to see the full gallery. The Huawei Watch is a watch first, and a smart device second, so simply admire the beauty of it.

Can I get the Huawei Watch in Ireland?

From September 2nd the Huawei Watch is available for pre-order in the US, becoming available in Germany, France and Spain later this month. October will see customers in the UK finally able to get their hands on the device.

There has been a worrying, but not unexpected, lack of mentions about launch in Ireland. However, it’s likely that should the device only be available in the UK, you’ll be able to order using Parcel Motel.

Update 23/01/2016

The Huawei Watch is now available to buy from Amazon. You can order it to Ireland via Parcel Motel. We did this in conjunction with the free Amazon Prime trial, which saved some money and got super fast delivery for free!

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