goos3d becomes goosed

You know those daytime home makeover shows? You know the ones, where they take a home-owner away for a cup of coffee and they come back to find a few new rugs, some Ikea furniture and a lick of paint on the walls. Well, that kinda happens with a lot of websites every couple of months. You’ll get a new logo, maybe a colour scheme or something similar. I was going to do that with Goos3D recently but then I realised there was something was wrong from day one and it was time to fix it.

Why Goos3D in the First Place?

If you haven’t had a chat with me in person you probably haven’t heard about how the Goos3D name came about. Basically, I was working in a phone shop where one of my colleagues refused to tell customers their phones were broken. He’d always say ‘yer phone is goosed’. It has a strange ability to disarm customers and typically, get a reaction closer to ‘ah shur what can ya do?’ than ‘I’m going to pull you over the counter and bate ya’.

That term stuck with me because by using the right words, people felt better about the tech in their lives. The power of words. But why didn’t set up from the start then? Good question and also why you probably haven’t heard this story when we were in the media.

The day I came home and decided to start this site, I simply sat down and tried to buy ‘’. No dice as it was already taken.It’s also important to note that a couple of years ago, buying ‘.ie’ websites weren’t as straightforward as it is today, so I was stuck with the ‘.com’ domains.

While most people would do some digging into who owns the site URL they want, I pushed forward and bought the cool techie looking version of it and swapped out the ‘e’ with a ‘3’. In hindsight, that was a terrible idea.

Never Ever Visit

We have a thing called Google Analytics. We use to see what articles get the most views and which articles people are really enjoying so we can keep creating content you guys love. One day, I started spotting some really strange data appearing in Google Analytics; x-rated looking stuff. So I finally did some digging into that other website. Yup, it’s a porn site. Lesson learned.

So Was Born

With ‘’ not an option, no one able to pronounce ‘Goos3D’ as ‘goosed’, we made the decision to go for the name we always wanted with a dot ‘ie’ domain; We have no interest in bringing tech news to people outside of Ireland so the Irish domain identity suits our mission. That’s to bring the people of Ireland technology news they can actually relate to; affordable gadgets, free apps and premium tech worth shedding a few Euro on. We also aim to be totally accessible too. Not only will we chat about tech on our site, through Tech Yurt, our podcast, and across our social channels, but we’re always here to answer your questions too.

For now, that’s it! We’re waiting for Facebook to update our name and for Google to adjust to our ‘new’ name, but we’re more or less now I really hope you like the new look and feel to the place and as always, if you ever have a question about tech and feel like you need a steer, holla at us.

Talk soon,


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