Have you been Googling ‘World War 3’? You’re not alone

fallout shelter after world war 3

We love Google Trends. They give you a finger on the pulse of the world. Like that time America elected Trump. We could see loads of American’s Googling information on Irish passports. Well, Trump has only been in office a few months and already, the world is Googling ‘World War 3’.

Why are people Googling ‘World War 3’

Well, Mr. Trump has made some fairly aggressive moves since taking his hot seat. Horrific chemical attacks in Syria led to the US bombing a Syrian military base. This led to a sharp worldwide increase in Google searches for ‘world war 3’:

Next up, North Korea celebrated the 105th anniversary of the nation’s founder, Kim II-sung. During colourful parades, the North Korean military showed off what appears to be intercontinental missiles. Again, the US responded by directed forces towards North Korea, “just in case”. While apparently a precaution, the world is clearly uneasy at these developments. This is obvious from the same graph above as you can see searches climb again after a few days.

Searches for ‘world war 3’ in Ireland

Ireland has a similar search pattern to the rest of the world. We have shown slightly more interest in the developments with North Korea as a potential step towards world war:

These are the highest volumes of searches for ‘world war 3’ since the shootings in a Florida Airport.

Here’s hoping these are all just unfounded fears that we’re having.

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