Buying Phone Insurance: Who Offers the Best Gadget Insurance in Ireland?

best gadget insurance ireland

Variety is not much of a problem when it comes to gadget insurance in Ireland. Fear of losing your €800 smartphone usually justifies the protection to most. But with so much choice on the market, just who provides the best gadget insurance in Ireland?

Key Things You Need to Know About Gadget Insurance

Many people will take the purchase of gadget insurance much more lightly that car or home insurance. It’s important you realise that successful claims to depend on your policy meeting your needs. To get the ball rolling, here are some important things you should look for in your policy:

What is a Premium?

Your premium is the amount you pay to be insured for a period of time. It’s usually paid monthly by direct debit, or annually in a lump sum. There is no saving for paying in a lump sum.

What is an Excess?

In the event of you making a claim, you must pay a portion of the cost yourself. This is known as an excess and is a standard part of all insurance policies.

Are There Exceptions?

Almost as important as knowing what you’re covered for, is knowing what you’re not covered for. Unattended theft, loss, unauthorised use and events happening outside of Ireland, are the most common things to look for:

  • Unattended theft: If you are having a drink in a pub and leave your phone at the bar during a bathroom break, you’re unlikely to be covered. You basically have to be within reach of the phone to have a successful claim.
  • Unauthorised use: Would be thieves also tend to make some expensive phone calls if they can. Some, if not all, policies will cover you for a certain amount of unauthorised use, but be sure to check that out.
  • Number of claims per year: Most gadget insurance in Ireland will only cover you for two claims per year. Sometimes, your excess may increase with the second claim.
  • Holiday cover: Always make sure you’re covered internationally. If not, some form of travel insurance might be a good idea. If you are, be sure to check how long abroad you’re covered for and if you need to get local reports of theft etc.

Know How To Claim

The claiming process is the most important thing to note. What is the point in paying a monthly fee and then not having a successful claim? Typically, your policy will require you to:

  • Have an incident number from the Gardai
  • Blacklist the IMEI with your network
  • Block or replace the SIM

These requirements are often time sensitive too.

Who provides gadget insurance in Ireland?

Mobile phone insurance is usually available in two key places. If you are buying your phone from a network, they will likely offer you some form of cover. Alternatively, you can insure your device with an independent insurance company. There isn’t a massive difference between the two, but the latter might be the only option if you bought your phone online.

Chill Gadget Insurance

Chill offer two mobile phone insurance plans: Gadget Insurance Complete and Gadget Insurance Extra, costing €14.99 and 10.99 respectively (based on a Samsung Galaxy S7). The extra €4.99 means the policy includes loss protection. Both policies also cover accessories.

Chill immediately provide a great example of why you should be careful when purchasing mobile phone insurance in Ireland. At no point throughout our purchase was the excess clearly stated.

With just a brief look at you might think it looks a little familiar. Chill Gadget Insurance is the exact same as except for the names. For this reason, the prices are the same and the same pitfalls exist where items like excess are a tough piece of information to find.

Protect Your Bubble

Bizarre name aside, Protect Your Bubble provides some of the best gadget cover on the market. A Trust Pilot rating of 8.5 out of 10 would suggest Protect Your Bubble is doing something right to keep customers happy. Interestingly, they are not an Irish company but do provide cover in Ireland.

€9.99 per month will cover a Samsung Galaxy S7 including loss protection for €1.50. Claims cost €50 unless it’s loss which will cost €75. Protect Your Bubble is also a great option should you have several devices, allowing savings up to 15% when you insure three devices.

Quote Devil

Along with having an annoying jingle, Quote Devil are a cheaper insurance provider. You can insure a Samsung Galaxy S7 for €6.99 per month. That’s a saving of €4 per month versus a €10.99 plan from Chill Insurance and You do lose accessory cover with Quote Devil, but at the same time, can add €1 to add loss protection.

Quote Devil will charge you an excess of €40 for smartphones under €400 and €75 for anything above.

Blue Insurance

You are likely to have heard of Chill Insurance but not Similarly, you are more likely to have heard of Quote Devil thanks to their jingle, but not Blue Insurance. Blue Insurance are the provider for Quote Devil, so the prices are the exact same.

Three SOS

Three provide mobile phone insurance in Ireland as Three SOSThree offer insurance under the name Three SOS. With Three SOS you can cover a Samsung Galaxy S7 for €12.99 per month. Should you need to claim, you will pay an excess of €65 on this type of policy. Three SOS is a very comprehensive service, but you must have purchased with Three.

Vodafone Stay Mobile Insurance

Like Three SOS, Vodafone Stay Mobile Insurance is only available to customers purchasing from Vodafone. An interesting point on their insurance is that your first claim will cost €75 with the second costing more. Again, you are permitted to make two claims per year.

Team Knowhow

When purchasing a smartphone from Carphone Warehouse, you can insure your new phone on any network with Team Knowhow (formerly Geek Squad). This policy, for a Samsung Galaxy S7, costs €15.99 per month. In the event of you needing to claim, you will pay an excess of €70. Geek Squad Insurance also includes Tech Support and does not limit your claims per year. 

Can I Claim for a Phone on My House Insurance?

using house insurance as mobile phone insurance in IrelandThis is the conclusion the majority of people will reach. Sure enough, you can claim on your house insurance and you’ll have the peace of mind knowing you’re covered. The problem is the cost in the event of a claim. Many house insurance policies that cover contents will charge a full excess for a claim. House insurance policies have higher excesses, usually around €500. Plus, should you make a claim, you will see your premium increase and too many claims could make you uninsurable. However, should your home insurer have specific stipulations around gadgets, it’s likely to be a very good option.

Who Is the Best Provider of Gadget Insurance in Ireland?

After all of that, it’s quite tough to narrow down who the best provider is. Whoever you are buying your phone from is likely to offer insurance and this may be the most convenient. From comparing all providers, Protect Your Bubble appears to provide the best care, once you’re happy knowing you can’t talk to anyone face-to-face.

Gadget insurance in Ireland comes with lots of pitfalls. Once you know your terms and conditions, exclusions and how to claim, you should be fine.

Have you had experience with some of these insurers? Let us know what you think below.

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