Firemole: New Irish Fire Safety Gadget Launches on Indiegogo

firemole fire safety gadget

Back in May, we introduced you to Firemole. Firemole is a new Irish company out of Cork that has created a simple gadget that could save lives. It’s exciting times for the Firemole team as they’ve just launched their Indiegogo campaign to get the ball rolling.

What is Firemole?

Firemole is a small device that alerts you should a charger be getting too hot. If you were to look around your home right now, how many chargers would you find? Are they just plugged in constantly? Have you ever used your laptop in bed and felt the box part of your charger getting really hot? These are the very real scenarios that cause fatal house fairs on an all too regular basis.

How Does Firemole Work?

Simply stick a Firemole to the device or charger you fear might overheat and that’s the setup complete. Should that device’s temperature exceed 54 degrees an audible alert will sound.

In a world of connected devices, this version of the Firemole work independently, not requiring any apps or WiFi. This actually makes the device even safer, removing possible points of failure and ensuring a much easier initial setup process you can have faith in. Once installed, you won’t need to change the battery for 18-months.

Why Get A Firemole?

When we first came across Firemole, there had been a number of tragic deaths due to house fires in the Irish news. Firemole offers a practical and affordable solution to a lingering threat in every Irish home. That’s why we described the Firemole as “possibly the most important gadget you could buy” when we first wrote about it.

possibly the most important gadget you could buy

From the early orders already fulfilled by Firemole, device creator, Seán Ó Tuama, told us they’ve already been receiving really positive feedback.

What’s The Craic With Indiegogo?

In a true endorsement of Firemole’s potential, it’s creator wasn’t left short of offers from would-be investors. These investors were looking to take huge portions of the company, wise to the possibility that every home in Ireland should have these gadgets. Here’s their launch video:

Firemole has 3,000 devices ready to shop for Indiegogo backers. If you’ve ever wanted to see what crowdfunding feels like, this is the lowest risk as you’re guaranteed to get the product.

We’ll be taking a closer look at the product itself really soon, so be sure to sign up to the Goos3DLetter to get the latest on this great idea or just check out their Indiegogo page.


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