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We have all done it. Yelling at the mother, brothers or sister, girlfriends or the lads asking them if anyone has seen your phone. Of course, they never know where your phone is. It’s a depressing feeling and funnily enough, it always seems to occur when you just had it a moment before. The tale of the vanishing smartphone is to be no more, all thanks to the clever folks over at Google.

In the last few weeks, Google has been playing a blinder, especially when it comes to hardware. Don’t believe me? Here are just four huge moves Google have made in the last month:

  1. Buying out HTC for $1 Billion
  2. Announcing the highly anticipated Pixel 2, which you can buy even if you live in Ireland
  3. Bringing out the next generation in the Home range, including the Home Mini
  4. And of course the new Pixel Buds Earphones with built-in translation technology

See what I mean? What a month of gadgetry and we aren’t done yet. Now the Google Home will have access to the greatest command of all, “Find my Phone”.

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This new feature will enable Home users to ask the smart speaker to “Find my Phone”. While it won’t be able to give you an exact location it will ring the user’s phone so they can follow the sound. Wouldn’t it be wicked if your Google Home could tell you that you left it by the sink?

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What If My Phone is on Silent?

Ah so that won’t be a problem for any Android user, Google Home will also be able to enable the ringer on phones that have been put on silent. Handy if you’re the type who likes to keep the phone on silent.

Downside? well at this moment in time this feature is only available on smartphones so forgetful tablet owners who have misplaced their device, you’re on your own for now.

Personally, I think this is a really clever feature and I’m actually surprised we haven’t seen this “Find my Phone” feature on other home assistants. By the way, this fancy feature will work across all of Google’s Home series of smart speakers. Don’t be surprised if the perennial copycats at Apple stick this into their upcoming HomePod speaker.

Me: “Siri find my iPhone”

Siri “No”


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