Americans show increased interest in Irish passports

American search graph for Irish passports

If you think back to the Brexit vote, you’ll remember hearing about an increased interest in Irish passports. The population of Britain sought a lifeline, allowing them to remain EU citizens. America has rocked the world by electing Donald Trump as their 45th President. Sure enough, the people of America are looking get their hands on Irish passports too.

Through the wonders of Google Trends, we dive into the minds of the American public.

Americans search Google for Irish passports

Over the past week, Americans have shown an increased volume of searches for “Irish passports”. It’s hardly surprising considering over 10% of the world’s largest nation claim to have Irish roots. Shocked at the fact their president has come through accusations of sexual assault and racist remarks, these Americans are looking for a safe haven. Sure, who wouldn’t want to pop on over to Ireland and have the craic.

A large proportion of these searches can be attributed to Massachusetts. Well known for its Irish connections, Massachusetts, with state capital Boston, has a population where over 20% claim Irish heritage. The majority of Google searches for “Irish passports” has been focused in this general area.

What’s even more interesting is the confirmation that these searches are not simply a few holidaymakers. A similar trend has been seen in American’s searching for “Irish citizenship”. The search habits of the American public would indeed suggest that many with Irish roots are abandoning ship.

Fortunately, we won’t be the only place taking in poor unfortunate Americans who didn’t want Trump. As news emerged about Canada’s Immigration site crashed.

What else are Americans typing into Google

The secret service will have their work cut out for them with the election of Trump to the White House. A quick look at the fastest rising searches in Google paints a disturbing insight into America’s private searches.

Now, go prepare your small American flags for the waves about to start appearing on our shores, seeking refuge from Trump.

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