What’s on Netflix Ireland in May

Netflix Ireland in May

Sorry, I know we’re late – soz. If you can forgive us we’d like to motor on with bringing you the very best of what Netflix Ireland has on offer this May. Note: we do not condone you staying in out of the sun, your mother would be furious.

Master of None

Personally, I think Aziz Ansari, but he’s one of the more polarising comedians out there right now. Best known for his role in Parks and Recreation, Aziz has been killing it off-screen with his standup act. He returned to the screen by starring in, writing and directing Master of None. The show is a new Netflix original comedy series loosely based on his own life. The first season was great craic, following the life of Dev. Dev is a 30-year-old actor in New York who has trouble deciding what he wants to eat, much less the pathway for the rest of his life.

Master of None returns for what I can only imagine will be a hilarious second season on Netflix from 12 May.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

I’ve been pretty open about Kimmy Schmidt being a guilty pleasure of mine for some time. The whacky story of a girl being kidnapped by a cult leader acclimatising to life in the real world is more than a bit mad. Kimmy is back for a third season and frankly, I’m just excited to hear the show’s amazing theme song again:

Kimmy’s back on Netflix from 19 May.

The Keepers

What is it with Netflix and cracking murder mystery type documentaries? The Keepers is a riveting seven-part documentary series about the unsolved murder of a Baltimore nun, Sister Cathy Cesnik. Five decades later, her murder is surrounded by horrific secrets and pain but remains unsolved. The case returned to the spotlight in the 90s when one of Sister Cathy’s former students came forward to share her experience of horrendous sexual abuse by the high school’s chaplain. Still, nothing was done which led to the making of The Keepers.

The Keepers echoes a lot of the horrible tales the Irish have heard over the years. From clergy abuse to and from repressed memories to government and religious institutions that the director says “at best, dropped the ball over the last 45 years – and, at worst, covered it up.”

The Keepers is available on Netflix from 19 May.

Inglorious Basterds War Machine

Okay, so one look at the trailer and you’ll be sure they somehow froze Lieutenant Aldo “The Apache” Raine from Inglorious Basterds. Alas, there’s no connection, it’s just laziness from Brad Pitt. With that said, I loved that character, so he’s allowed recycle him. Beyond Pitt, there’s a serious cast of talent in War Machine, or at least loads of faces you’ll kind of recognise. All of them are involved in the post-war cleanup of Afghanistan.

Netflix are clearly ramping up their attempts to replace Hollywood with this being one of their biggest investments yet.

Join the war effort on 26 May.

And that’s all there is for May…oh wait a second…

House of Cards

If you thought US politics was a shit show right now, well, you’re right. House of Cards is probably going to struggle to keep up with the madness. Frank Underwood has plotted his way to the top. Now he claims the American people don’t know what’s good for them, but he does. One nation, Underwood.

The battle for the presidency returns to Netflix on 30 May.

That Netflix membership is looking more and more worth it with every passing month.

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