Crime drama, The Night Of, is coming to Sky Atlantic

The Night Of is coming to Sky Atlantic this September

The Night Of has been announced to air on Sky Atlantic. After watching the first episode, we can safely say you’ll want to get your series link ready for this one.

What is The Night Of about?

The Night Of Crime DramaThe Night Of is your classic Netflix binge series. One major point worth noting is that Netflix people have nothing to do with it for once. Based upon BBC series Criminal Justice, The Night Of follows the story of timid Pakistani-American student Nasir “Naz” Khan. Without giving too much away and Naz finds himself at the centre of a murder case. The series would appear (we are only one episode in) to be lining up a Hail Mary attempt at Naz avoiding a hefty court case that’s building against him.

What is The Night Of so good?

The first episode is tense. You live every single second with Naz. When watching, it was tough to not beg him to talk to the police in your head. The series plays upon the same emotions viewers would have felt while watching Making a Murderer. You’ll be faced with evidence but doubt it’s accuracy and relevance or accuracy. The series is so good, you’re bound to Google at some stage whether it’s based on a true story or not.

Is The Night Of based on a true story

Adnan Syed from Serial is similar to NazMany have drawn parallels between The Night Of and the likes of Netflix phenomenon Making a Murderer and true-crime Podcast Serial. While there are certainly parallels, the HBO series is not based on any one particular true story though it may borrow from real cases. For the sake of pigeon-holing the series, it’s best to refer to it as a crime drama.

When and where will The Night Of air?

You know that gaping hole in your life that’s been created by Game of Thrones being over? Well, that’s the space that this new crime series is set to fill. It would appear to be another absolute win for Sky Atlantic. The Night Of begins on Sky Atlantic on Thursday, September 1st and runs for eight episodes.

Here’s the trailer to whet your appetite.

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