An iguana taking on snakes is breaking the internet

Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton aren’t the only snakes going to battle this week. The highly anticipated premier of Planet Earth 2, narrated by David Attenborough, has brought the TV moment of the year. Enjoying viral success is a video of an Iguana trying to escape from a scary number of snakes.

Snakes on a plain

In the video we see a baby Iguana taking a leisurely stroll through a rocky landscape. Unbeknownst to the iguana, a few on-lookers had dinner in mind. We see Racer snakes suddenly appear from the rock and shoot towards the Iguana who, literally, runs for his life, while we can online imagine he was screaming “nope” over and over again. As he runs from a couple, more seem to start leaking from the rocks in a frenzy to beat their buddies to a tasty meal.

At one point, it looks like the Iguana is done for when a couple of snakes get a hold of him. The snakes appear to be hunting in a pack, but are actually only hunting for themselves. This leads to them getting tangled up and the iguana makes a swift escape. An unnerving scale of the rock wall and he makes his escape, joining his comrade.

Planet Earth

Planet Earth was highly successful when it came out ten years ago. And before the release of the sequel, David Attenborough said Planet Earth 2 would be ‘like nothing we’ve ever seen before’. After one episode, it has already lived up to the hype.

But not only has Planet Earth lived up to its name, the internet has exploded with parodies of the Snake vs Iguana video. Here’s our favourites.

Ozzie Man Reviews

Naturally, The Jalal’s ‘Run’ made an appearance

Our favourite one

In all seriousness though, if this first episode, and the media it’s drawn is anything to go by, we’re in for a treat for whatever else Attenborough has up his sleeve for the rest of Planet Earth 2.

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