The Big Game Launches: FIFA 16


It’s been a reasonably quiet year thus far for gaming, but the biggest titles of 2015 have yet to be released. We’re counting down the titles we are most excited about, starting out with FIFA 16.

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No secret here that we at Goos3D love a good bit of FIFA. In particular, a good season of FIFA Ultimate Team. If you preorder your next copy of FIFA 16 you;ll also get a rake of cards for your FUT team. With that said, is there really going to be any difference in FIFA 16?

FIFA 16: New Features

The usual graphic improvements are accompanied by a general experience upgrade, where “FIFA 16 innovates across the entire pitch to deliver a balanced, authentic and exciting football experience”. The games defensive engine as been upgraded with 25 innovative feature changes, including the ability to use other defenders to fill the gaps. The midfield sees annual passing improvements continued, along with dynamic crossing. This is all well and good, but really you’re best to wait until you get hands on to get excited about this craic.

FIFA 16 vanishing spray free kick sprayNew features are the really exciting bits. FIFA Trainer overlays controls to assist you in learning new moves. You’ll now also be able to play as women’s international teams for the first time and also be bear witness to the “shaving spray” for the first time in FIFA 16.

FIFA 16: FIFA Ultimate Team

Finally, the big upgrade to what is our favourite part of FIFA every year – FIFA Ultimate Team. FIFA Ultimate Team Draft allows you to “challenge opponents in a tournament to win coins, packs, and more”. FIFA 16 has also brought with it some genuinely entertaining videos too, including this hilarious draft video of Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher.

Finally, the improvements to FUT stretch to the user experience. Your club will be at the centre of the action, with milestones being recognised by the commentators. The interface will also be improved to ensure your squad building is completely enjoyable.

FIFA 16: Release Date

FIFA 16 is set for general release on 22nd September 2015. You can pre-order now and benefit from up to 40 packs of FUT Cards. We probably recommend doing this digitally through your console, because generally speaking, by the time you’re trading the game back in, it’ll be worth sod all.

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