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awaken the force within

Indeed, the world has gone Star Wars mad to the point where everyone needs a Chrome extension to block movie spoilers. Google are involved in one of the coolest features to emerge from the blockbuster movie release that is Star Wars: The Force Awakens, as they have created an interactive mini game called Awaken the Force Within.

Google are known for creating brilliant interactive experiences on an unnecessarily shoestring budget considering the epic size of the company. In the past, Google challenged convention though the creation of Google Cardboard, an uber-affordable alternative to Oculus.  Given the wave of Star Wars madness that’s rushing across the planet, it’s no surprise that Google are at it again by bringing users an interactive experience with devices you’re likely to already have.

Google Awaken the Force WithinGoogle – Awaken the Force Within utilises your Android smart phone and laptop without requiring a download on either. Once you navigate to the Awaken the Force Within website on your laptop, you must choose which side you want to fight on with your Google apps following your decision. Next you’ll be presented with a link to visit on your Android device. When discovering this, I started to get excited at the thought of where this might be going and it didn’t disappoint.

The next prompt asks you hold your handset like a lightsaber and calibrate it to your laptop. From there on your phone is your lightsaber as you battle your way through Stormtroopers, blocking and reversing their lazer fire and engaging in weapon to weapon combat as well. All of the lightsaber movements below are as a result of moving my smartphone. Sure there is a bit of lag and it’s not perfect, but the concept is brilliant and so simple to get up and running with. So enough of the reading, go on and give it a go!

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