Five Band of Brothers actors you may have missed

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All it takes is sitting down to a great war movie like Hacksaw Ridge to start a barrage of similar watching. Saving Private Ryan is possibly the go-to movie for many. For me, it’s the epic 2001 miniseries – Band of Brothers. Watching the stories behind Easy Company today, you really appreciate how many great actors were involved in the show. Here’s our list of five Band of Brothers actors you may have missed.

James McAvoy

Appearing in just one episode, you’d be forgiven for not remembering McAvoy. Back in 2001, he was still most likely best known for a brief 1997 appearance in The Bill. Playing Private James Miller, a newbie to the front lines who join the Band of Brothers during the Replacements episode. Poor Private Miller doesn’t last too long, unlike McAvoy’s career which picked up in the years that followed Band of Brothers.

Michael Fassbender

Of course, we’re slightly biased as he is half-Irish

Michael Fassbender Band of BrothersFassbender is arguably one of the more recognisable breakthrough Band of Brothers actors. Of course, we’re slightly biased as he is half-Irish. Like McAvoy, Fassbender had really just started his on-screen career. He enjoyed seven episodes including the first while being grilled by the sadistic Captain Sobel. Fassbender’s character, Seargent Burton “Pat” Christenson, is also present when Easy Company discovers the Nazi concentration camps in the episode Why We Fight.

Jimmy Fallon

To be honest, I don’t know if it’s fair to class Jimmy Fallon as a Band of Brothers actor. Then again, he’s far too cool a cameo to leave out. I say cameo for good reason. His appearance as Lieutenant George Rice fits into a two and a half minute YouTube clip.

Maybe Jimmy should stick to the talk shows.

Tom Hardy

Back in 2001, Tom Hardy was looking for his first on-screen job. Band of Brothers provided that opportunity. Like McAvoy, Hardy, playing John Janovec joined as a replacement during the war effort. Not letting war get in the way of what a young man would travel Europe looking for, Janovec makes an instant impression.

Matthew Leitch

So, Matthew Leitch is a very personal inclusion on the list. You probably don’t recognise the name for a start. Band of Brothers wasn’t his first gig, nor did it really kickstart his career. Leitch will be well known to anyone who grew up watching the Dustin era of the Den. Do you remember The Renford Rejects?

The Renford Rejects is possibly my favourite show from the Dustin era. The Nickelodeon series was all about a failing five-a-side team of misfits. Leitch plays the injured young footballing talent taking on the role of coach. Leitch would go on to appear in each episode of Band of Brothers as Floyd “Tab” Talbert. A few years later, he’d appear in the Dark Knight.

As you might have guessed, Band of Brothers started the careers of many. Watching the series back now is like going on an actor safari. If you’ve never watched the miniseries, it comes hugely recommended. It’s currently available in Sky Boxsets too.

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