Abstract: The Art of Design a Netflix docuseries for design lovers to binge on

Design a is part of our lives and cultures these days. The new original Netflix docuseries Abstract: The Art of Design is about the creative minds that shape our world. The series offers a glimpse on how a product catches life – from an idea to a tangible creation.

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What is Abstract?

Abstract is an eight-part documentary series, that tackles the art and science behind the work of some popular designers. The series is focusing on the lives of the creators, following the drama behind the struggle of bringing an idea to life.

Each episode is focusing on one designer in particular. The series looks at:

  • Illustrator – Christoph Niemann
  • Graphic Designer – Paula Scher
  • Photographer – Platon
  • Shoe Designer – Tinker Hatfield
  • Architect – Bjarke Ingels
  • Interior Designer – Ilse Crawford
  • Car Designer – Ralph Gilles
  • Stage Designer – Es Devlin

The show is about going inside the minds of some of the greatest designers

“The show is about going inside the minds of some of the greatest designers in the world and unpacking their creative process in a truthful and honest way, to show people how the world around them is shaped,” states Dave O’Connor, one of the creators.

Executive producer and Academy Award–winning documentarian Morgan Neville, alongside former Wired editor in chief Scott Dadich and Radical Media VP Dave O’Connor are the creators of the show.

Any works I’d recognise from the show?

The series will really surprise you in terms of the number of creators you’re familiar with. Platon is perhaps best known for his portrait shots. He rose to fame in 2007 when Time magazine featured his shot of Vladimir Putin on their cover.

Platon shoots Putin for Time

Shoe designer Tinker Hatfield is well known in certain circles. He was the lead designer for Nike’s Air Jordan III through XV, XX, and XX3. Michael Jordan himself appears in Abstract too. Honestly, you’ll probably recognise at least one thing from each designer.

Is it worth the watch?

It absolutely is. Whether you binge through Abstract in one sitting or drip-watch it over time. This is one series that Dadich promises is not boring at all.

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